About topscore

Topscore Education JSC launched in Vietnam since 2012. Our well organized and well-prepared program brings a new style of curriculum and standard that is raising the standards of English and international education in Vietnam.  With an emphasis on critical thinking, creativity, and character traits for success, our program is entirely unique. This makes it a fun developmental experience for both teachers and students. Over the past more than 10 years, Topscore has been steadily growing into a leading education system dedicated to teaching the international program and high quality English in Vietnam.

Topscore is comprised of 4 business segments, including International Program Management, High quality ESL Program, Schools Link, and School management consultant.

Our story

Topscore is one of the most professional and largest language provider in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Private school campuses in Hanoi
International and Vietnamese teachers
Professional friendly staffs
Current students

Vision – Mission – Core Values


To grow a generation who are capable of adapting to the changing world and changing the world themselves.


We are committed to build a future-ready education platform that aligns with the modern workplace, developing local and global citizenship values.

Core Values

  • We place people growth at the core of all we do.
  • We are committed to innovation.
  • We operate with integrity and efficiency.
  • We create impacts to our Community.

Topscore Programmes

We manage the international program from Primary level to Secondary and High School level and everything in-between including academic program, human resource and exam preparation. With internationally renowned course books from Cambridge and our strong academic team, these courses utilize not only the latest English subject, but also Mathematics, Science, Global Respective and the specialized subjects for high school students as well.

Where are we located?