Do you offer short-term contracts?

All of our contracts are a school year in length. At times we will consider part-time contracts for a minimum of 6 months for in-country hires and/or up to job vacancies.

Does Topscore support teachers with Work Visas and a Work Permit?

Yes, Topscore offers full support for teachers to get a Work Visa and Work Permit to work legally in Vietnam. All our teachers will have Work permit, Long term visa or TRC, private health care insurance and bank account in Vietnam

What the school year is?

The school year starts from August/September to May every year. The private school often starts from August and public school starts from September.

What are working hours?

Our working schedule is daytime and weekday schedule. Working hours are generally 7:30am-4:30pm, Monday – Friday. Lunch time is often from 11h30am to 1h30pm. There are occasional evenings or Saturday mornings for school events or parent meetings. Most Professional Development is scheduled during regular work hours. Detail timetable will be informed more details because of different campuses and level of students (primary, secondary and high school).

Teaching assistant in the class?

Yes, Topscore does provide highly trained teaching assistants (Vietnamese professional teacher) to help you to deliver a successful and enjoyable lesson. The only time you would not be provided with a teaching assistant is when you are teaching older students who already have a good level of English. For all primary & secondary classes there will be a TA in your classes.

When are the peak times of year?

We start to arrange all positions around after Tet (the Vietnamese Lunar New Year – Jan-Feb) but our busiest period is around March-April-May (and paperwork to proceed in May-June-July) for the start of the new school year (August/September). May through to July is the peak hiring season for Topscore. If you are unsuccessful in an initial application you are welcome to reapply at these times.

I don’t have a Bachelor’s degree, can I still work?

One of our job requirements is that all our teachers have completed a Bachelor’s degree. This is also a legal requirement to gain a Work Permit in Vietnam.


Topscore does not offer any flight reimbursement. We do however offer teachers their semester bonus and the policy to increase your salary if you continue to work on at Topscore with good performance (depending the specific position).

Does Topscore sponsor business visa for overseas teachers?

Yes, we do. The business visa invitation letter will be sent to teachers and teacher can take/stamp the business visa at Vietnamese embassy or at the airport.


No. It is very rare for schools in Vietnam to offer accommodation as part of the job. But Topscore works with rental agents who help you find a living situation that fits your lifestyle.

Will I have Health insurance?

Yes, foreign and Vietnamese employees are provided the private health insurance plan.

Can I get Vietnamese bank account?

Yes, Topscore assists new employees with this process and requires foreign employee to open bank account in specific bank to transfer salary without troubles. Vietnamese Banking laws have changed in recent years to make it necessary for foreigners to provide a number of documents to set up local account and Topscore helps navigate these changes.

Does Topscore hire non-native speakers?

We don’t have the policy specific for native or non-native speaker but we use the following to define a native speaker (and sometimes the definition is changed by the updated law). A native speaker is someone who has spoken English from early childhood. It’s the language they used at school and with their family. Many people grow up speaking 2 languages and are bilingual, which would also qualify as a native speaker. All teachers must have native speaker mastery of English in all skills [including pronunciation]. If you are not bi-lingual or did not grow up using the English language but have a proficiency certificate equivalent of the C1 (CEFR) level TOPSCORE also considers you qualified. The proficiency certificate equivalent of the C1 (CEFR) is required as well for some non-native passport holders (updated by the law requirement) to apply work permit in Vietnam. We welcome all qualified, native level English teachers who pass our interviewing and screening processes.