Orientation and Processional Development Program

Orientation and Professional Development Program is an essential part of life at Topscore, but many teachers feel nervous teaching in a classroom management. To give our teachers the skills and confidence they require, Topscore gives all new teachers a orientation training and professional development course specifically tailored to teaching young learners. Based on well-prepared handbooks, our training course delivers practical and useful advice to ensure our teachers are confident and successful in the classroom.
This course is provided for free by Topscore, and teachers are paid a supplement after successfully completing it and starting a full-time contract.


Workshops are offered each month or weekly between International Teachers and Vietnamese teachers at each campus and cover a broad range of topics relevant to ESL or Mathematics or Science teaching, encompassing Classroom Management, teaching methodology, practical activities and new theories in ESL. Teachers can also suggest workshop topics on areas they feel would be useful to them

Career path

Many members of our Academic Management team were previously Topscore teachers and have received support and training to take on new roles following overwhelming success in their previous positions. With gained experience, teachers can apply for Senior Teacher roles, positions in our Product Development team, Marketing team, HR or Teacher Training. The possibilities are endless.